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Cycling Kenya for Rosie

   9th to 17th October 2010 - UPDATE   






First of all I would like to say a massive thank you for your tremendous support. Thanks

to your generosity we smashed our original target and revised targets and have now hit

over £7, 000 in fact the cycle challenge fund has now reached £7,128 and  with  gift aid

of £1,339 the total increases to £8,467. (This has increased the overall Rosie fund to just

over £50,000!) It was an incredibly tough 10 days (we wouldn't have wanted it any other

way) but we reached Bungoma on time and in one piece. When struggling to get up the

never ending hills I thought of Rosie and your messages of encouragement and they

gave me the boost to keep going. Yet no physical pain can ever get close to the sadness

of Rosie not being here with us. But Rosie was with me.  I saw her through the beauty of

the Kenyan countryside and I saw her smile on the faces of the children in the villages we

passed through. I always expected making it to the South End Academy and meeting

Brenda (the teacher we are all funding) and the children, would be the highlight of our trip

and I was right, they were amazing. I was overwhelmed by their love, energy, creativity

and passion. Their room is called "The Rosie Dwyer Art Room" and her photos and artwork

adorn one big notice board.  All this was the reason I was there, it was hard to contain such powerful and very mixed emotions.
I had no doubt that Rosie's fund was making a big difference but I never thought that the

funding had and will continue to have such a big positive impact on the lives of so many

children. As soon as we can get a chance, Jacob and I will put together photos and a short

film of our visit to the school, which will tell the story and show you how your generosity

has transformed the lives of so many children.

Thank you




Please click on the CYCLE KENYA link for photographs taken during challenge



Please click on SOUTHEND ACADEMY link for the video 






On the 21st December 2008, our lovely 19 year old daughter and sister, Rosie Dwyer,

died suddenly from septicaemia.  Rosie lived life in glorious technicolor. Through the

charity Ace, we are sharing  some of that colour by sponsoring an art & crafts teacher at

the South End Academy North Kenya. Due to Rosie's fund at Southend Academy,

sustainable craft skills are now being taught. Our aim is to fund this education for as many

years as possible. The majority of the children who will benefit have been orphaned by

HIV and/or AIDS but thanks to Rosie's fund, they will be able to learn new skills to enable

them to earn a living and break out of the destitution that is the fate of many millions of

children in sub-Saharan Africa. The support of the fund has been overwhelming, over £40,000

has been donated, but we don't want to stop there!!!  So in October 2010, we (brother Jacob

and dad John) will be taking on the Cycle Kenya challenge. We have set ourselves a joint

fund raising target of £3000. Our sponsored bike ride will be a real challenge covering 600km.

 We will be in the saddle for at least 6 hours every day (perhaps a lot longer at my pace)

on a mixture of tarmac and dirt roads. Accommodation for this challenge will be basic

(mainly camping). On the ride we will  visit ACE Africa's community projects in Siaya and Bungoma, witnessing first-hand how  the money raised will be used locally. On the

final section of the ride we will be joined by ACE Africa's staff including the Executive

Director, Augustine,who will talk about the work currently being conducted in country.


We have chosen the self payment option covering all the costs of the trip ourselves

which means that all the the sponsorship money raised will be going to ACE We can

assure you that the money raised is going to a really worthy cause and knowing that

orphaned children in Africa will receive an education in tribute to Rosie is a big comfort.

It is really heart-warming when friends give something as it means we know Rosie has

touched your lives too in some small way. Please be generous, your donations

whatever the amount will make a big difference to so many people.


£200 is the monthly salary for the teacher

£50 will pay for a teacher for a whole week

£25 will buy enough craft materials for a week

£10 will pay for a day of the teacher's time

£5 will pay for a day's worth of materials


The successe of the fund is  a great tribute to Rosie, so please support

this campaign and of course spread the word to others.



How to donate


Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It's also

the most efficient way to sponsor Rosie's fund: Action in the Community Environment gets your money faster and, if you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation. To donate click here



             The success of the fund is  a great tribute to Rosie, so please

          support this campaign and of course spread the word to others.




A huge thank you for all your love, support and generosity!


Jacob and John Dwyer



 About our charity:


Action in the Community Environment (ACE)





ACE works in rural communities in Kenya and Tanzania giving training and support for caring for orphans and vulnerable children, their guardians or single parents and others infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Its holistic approach includes agriculture and nutrition, income generation, schools health education, counselling, education for orphans, childs' rights and material support.



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