For the moment …anyway

In the words of Tom & Jerry ”That’s all Folks”
I could say something pious like… I’m not sure if I want to be part of this world of social media , where everyone’s life is perfect ,fun-filled, sociable ( and smug ) , but I won’t .
I’m just weary and boring and there’s only so much anyone can say about grief , without becoming more weary and boring
So I’ll leave you with a fact . Stormzy went to my primary school – Kensington Avenue in Thornton Heath – banging !

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  1. I for one will miss your blog Rachel. I’ve learned heaps, you’ve helped me understand and be more thoughtful about grief and it’s been a wonderful way of keeping in touch with what you’re doing, how you’re doing and reminding me how you’re feeling. And because you’re such a delightful writer you’ve been entertaining as well. The are certainly days I’ve cried trading your words but also days when I’ve roared with laughter. Thank you for all of it. Have you ever considered turning your blog into a book? Much love xxxx

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