You could see and hear his pain – so sad

Haven’t written in a while as we’ve been gallivanting around Northern Ireland and then I took myself off to Walberswick
I’m not sure if I have Brexit- anxiety , eco-anxiety or am just plain scared , but with all this horrible , nasty ,destructive , narcissistic ( Boris ) politics going on , there was one voice that hit home .
It came from the newly elected speaker ,Sir Lindsay Hoyle’ and in his opening speech said this
”…..I also want to say to my family…
( there’s a difficult part I want to get over )
There is one person who is not here.
My daughter,Natalie. I wish she’d been here ,We all miss her as a family , no more so than her mum, Miriam.
I’ve got to say , she was everything to all of us .
She will always be missed ,but she will always be in our hearts.”

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  1. I’m following all the shenanigans from here and my heart goes out to all of you, the UK seems to be in such an awful predicament with even more awful people blustering their way through and causing mayhem. Sending love and good luck for the 12th

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