For the moment …anyway

In the words of Tom & Jerry ”That’s all Folks”
I could say something pious like… I’m not sure if I want to be part of this world of social media , where everyone’s life is perfect ,fun-filled, sociable ( and smug ) , but I won’t .
I’m just weary and boring and there’s only so much anyone can say about grief , without becoming more weary and boring
So I’ll leave you with a fact . Stormzy went to my primary school – Kensington Avenue in Thornton Heath – banging !


I’ve gone quiet and am likely to remain so .
Rosie would have been 30 on Monday .
We will celebrate her life together in Northumberland .
Beautiful landscape for a beautiful person

You could see and hear his pain – so sad

Haven’t written in a while as we’ve been gallivanting around Northern Ireland and then I took myself off to Walberswick
I’m not sure if I have Brexit- anxiety , eco-anxiety or am just plain scared , but with all this horrible , nasty ,destructive , narcissistic ( Boris ) politics going on , there was one voice that hit home .
It came from the newly elected speaker ,Sir Lindsay Hoyle’ and in his opening speech said this
”…..I also want to say to my family…
( there’s a difficult part I want to get over )
There is one person who is not here.
My daughter,Natalie. I wish she’d been here ,We all miss her as a family , no more so than her mum, Miriam.
I’ve got to say , she was everything to all of us .
She will always be missed ,but she will always be in our hearts.”

More beautiful photos

That last one really is very special as Rosie is wrapped in cling film and covered in paint .
Another day … another art-project .
Just love it xxxxxx

so beautiful

Before those lovely photos go .
I’m thinking ….
Top of your climbing frame
Richard Clarke’s 50th

Not to mention Bolly-Illusion, Crystal Rasmussen

I urge you to beg , steal or borrow a ticket for tonight’s Carmina Victoriana at the wonderful , atmospheric and beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall .
It’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages . made me laugh and cry and sing to some of mine ( and Jane’s ) favourite songs …
‘Maybe this Time’ ….from Cabaret. ‘Losing my Mind’ – also Liza Minnelli .’Chandelier by Sia’ ( After Jane’s time – but I know she would have loved it )
‘Wind beneath my Wings’ …and lot’s of other cheesy stuff .
Thank you to Tom Glitter ,Miss Hope Springs ,Diane Chorley,ACM,Glamrou and Dinah Lux .
Bloody fab

Never been there

We went to Soupy on Sunday .
I got talking to one of the regular guests ,James. Sitting on the other side of him was a female guest I had never seen before . James seemed to know her and introduced me with ‘I don’t know her name , but she’s Lithuanian ‘.I asked her her name – Karolina , then introduced myself and then proceeded to tell her everything I knew about Lithuania … which isn’t much . But as I went to Vilnius a couple of years ago , it was an opportunity for me to do a bit of brain gym and share everything I remembered of the city .So in over-emphasised sign language I attempted to describe the beauty of the 3 huge crucifixes on the hill , the snow , The Contemporary Art Centre ,The ice on the River Arno , my favourite bar ,Spunka ( struggled with the sign language for this one ) etc etc .
Karolina nodded and smiled and then said 2 words ‘ I’m Polish ‘.

Part 3

I often think the students we have staying with us get fed up of us droning on … things to do in London / where do you go on holiday? / spread the word in your country – we HATE Brexit / you told me you eat everything – how come you leave onions, chilli. jacket potato skins etc on the side of your plate ?… i could go on …
But the last 3 young Italian boys ,must have been listening , because on their last morning ,I came down to a note saying
‘We’ve had lots of fun together in these 2 weeks and to show you our gratitude, we’ve bought some presents.
Signed Andrea, Fillipo and Francesco
and on the hall table were 2 gifts ..
For me , wrapped in green Gaunt Book’s paper was a book ‘The Unfinished Palazzo’- Life, Love and Art in Venice
For John , An LP =Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’

We were very very touched