New York New York

My phone has had ‘ a second coming’. So all your witty txts and invites can resume.

As I type ,Jacob is riding on the clouds, coffing champagne and watching ‘Marley and me’ – he’s probably sobbing on Patricks shoulder by now. Yes , the dynamic duo have conquered Glastonbury and are now off to ‘The Big Apple, to stay with a friend of ours, Chelsea , and her parents Bill and Hilary. They have tickets for an all day festival in New Jersey, with Coldplay headlining , and for a seperate Arctic Monkeys gig. I’m still trying to get them tickets for ‘The brotherhood of Man’. Jacob tried to sign up for a 5K run ‘running for Rose’ ( a lady who died tragically at an early age, and a run has been dedicated to her), but the registration had closed.- what a shame , that would have been really special. I hope they have a ball……

…………..Chelsea’s parents aren’t really called Hilary and Bill, I made that bit up .

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  1. rachel!!! its me and jacob and fraiz and patrick. we’re enjoying some drinks and catching up about the good old days when i was in london! we’re waiting for pizza too and i wish you all were here to hang out!! we could use some of your cooking right about now. especially the curry, i miss that. now that jacob showed me the blog im going to keep tabs. 
    i love and miss you
    please send florence next time! and you and john too 🙂
    xoxo Chelsea

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