Ain’t no mountain high enough

While Jacob goes fell-running in Yorkshire and Florence takes the steep ,hair-pin bend drive to Tusheti , John and I will take Emerald onto the cliff-top at Eype and then spend 4 days looking for things we’ve packed away safely .

Rich or poor, it affects us all

Ben Goldsmith’s tweet after the sudden death of his 15year old daughter, Iris ,who died in a crash on the family’s farm in Somerset, last Monday July 8.

”God, please can I have my beautiful, brilliant, kind little girl back, please God. And if not, please take extra special care of her. I love her so so much and I’m so proud of her. It hurts me so much I can’t describe.”

Can’t get her out of my head ( as Kylie would say )

It’s hard to write about a wedding without sounding cheesy- but Natalie and Thomas’s was a joy .

I could say loads more , beautiful bridesmaids ( Florence was one !) , the love was in the air , we were thoroughly spoilt with food , music , drink , bon jovi or homie ( or something like that ) , our table was brill – great conversations , Right Rev Georgie C. did them proud .It was fabulous .
But still I see Rosie dancing on the decking in that lovely free way , so I preferred to do my pathetic jigging on the grass .

She was right , I did howl when I opened it .

I received a gift today from my art-room volunteer . KA is lovely , she used to be a student at the school and now comes back two days a week to help keep the art-room in order . Last week she went on her annual holiday to Bognor . This morning I was told to close my eyes and promise not to cry as she gave me my gift . I opened them to find a candle with the words

‘ 40 – you are starting a new phase in your life .You have self-confidence and are very attractive.You are in the full bloom of life and working hard for a wonderful , secure future. Just like this candle ,you glow with warmth and light ”

Considering I’m 61 and resemble a washed out old rag , that’s not bad going .

I guess it beats last year’s gift which was a mug with the inscription ‘5 days working with you twats , 2 days of bliss’ !

*except maybe Geoffrey

Now Darren is back from his amazing cycle across Kenya , he has chosen some beautiful and very moving photos of Rosie …

Her 18th Birthday party ,2007, our kitchen , with Helen on her left .

On The Staten Island Ferry , NYC , 2007, with Tim on her right ( I loved it when she wore her hair up )

Worthing seafront , around 1992. We had taken Grandpa down to Gifford House , an ex servicepersons respite care home , and we went on to have a fabulous day .

This is odd that Darren chose this photo as 2 weeks ago today ,John and I went to Worthing and had lunch in Crabshack . We walked along the front , up the pier , popped into the amusements and got hooked on the machine where you roll 2p down a shoot and a machine edges the coins forward . We must have spent a good half an hour in there as I was determined to get the £5 note that was teetering on the edge . I never got it and I finally relented and when a young child and her father took over my space , I even told them my tactics !

Anyway , while strolling , I talked about the very day that photograph was taken . It is a really strong memory . I remembered Geoffrey being anxious , me being more anxious and not wanting to show it , Joan feeling guilty as we drove off with him , although his stay was only for 2 weeks and he was doing her head in . Then ,once he was safely in situ , we hit the seafront and the mini funfair , and everyone was happy *.

Sadly , the last photo , I’m not sure about – it looks like she is dressed up for something – a nursery school play perhaps ?

Happy days , so beautiful , like my other children , she doesn’t know how loved she is .

Emerald’s cold box has made an apperance

Of course you know it’s not the worst thing that can happen , but , when you wake up and your new fridge has packed in and …

you have 6 people for supper

3 italians arriving tomorrow ( for 2 weeks )

Jacob, Florence and Simon arriving on thursday for a week or so

You’re working flat-out and full-time as it’s the busiest school week of the year , when we host our immersive , multi-sited ,sensory story as part of The West London Inclusive Arts Festival .

It’s parent’s evening on Thursday

and your head hurts a bit after a works do last night ..

what do you do ……?

Ditch the coffee and be the first one in Currys at 9am

At last Theresa’s done something right

The government are to introduce a children’s funeral fund next month, ensuring no parent will have to pay for their child’s burial or cremation .

grim topic/wrong order/ so sad / and all the other stuff you’ve heard me say before

* first scene , flowery fabric

‘Killing Eve’ – loved it , especially the scene in The Rijks ( and trying to spot any bars we’ve been to ) .

I also have to admit to having trouser envy *

It’s on the map at last

Thanks to Stormzy for bigging up Thornton Heath with a “Oi Glasto, it’s the only the fu**ing beginning,”

I’m not sure if he ever frequented…..

Brigstock Manor ( Grandma’s old people’s home )

Thornton Heath Baths – home to Enterprise Swimming Club – where I spent every Friday night from the age 5- 12

Drive thro Macdonalds at Thornton Heath Pond , where Grandma and I would go most Thursdays – at the age of 88 she’d have the Happy Meal and hand the toy to to the nearest kid .

The RHM offices , where I filed flour orders

Croydon school of Gymnastics – I never went there either ,just walked past it a lot on the way to Delly’s Caribbean Cuisine