Don’t be shy – come and get them

I have in my hand 2 complimentary wristbands for ‘The Winter Wonderland preview night’ in Hyde park TONIGHT, 5-9pm. I guess it means you can go on all the rides …and stuff. Jacob will be at band practice , Flo is in Glasgow and John and I are too pooped ( and happy to stay in with Ant& Dec ) to go .

They were giving yo us, for dedicating our plaque to Rosie and contributing to The Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park.

I would love someone to use them . So please if you , your friend,son,daughter,neighbour ,grandma would like them , please pick them up from under my doormat as I am at Grandmama’s all day . Just text me first , so I can stop someone else making a wasted journey

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  1. What a lovely evening I had. Thank you 🙂

    Oh also the other night at the ACE event me and Holly volunteered at they raised £55,000 in one evening. Amazing! xx

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