Part 3

I often think the students we have staying with us get fed up of us droning on … things to do in London / where do you go on holiday? / spread the word in your country – we HATE Brexit / you told me you eat everything – how come you leave onions, chilli. jacket potato skins etc on the side of your plate ?… i could go on …
But the last 3 young Italian boys ,must have been listening , because on their last morning ,I came down to a note saying
‘We’ve had lots of fun together in these 2 weeks and to show you our gratitude, we’ve bought some presents.
Signed Andrea, Fillipo and Francesco
and on the hall table were 2 gifts ..
For me , wrapped in green Gaunt Book’s paper was a book ‘The Unfinished Palazzo’- Life, Love and Art in Venice
For John , An LP =Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’

We were very very touched

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