They started taking their Malerone today – so weird dreams tonight

Ooh Nat , we do miss you. The octopus was a Florence playdough creation. He resided in our sink for the whole of Sunday after he morphed out of the tap and lots of photos were taken of him – I think its called film-making. Egypt is just outside Burnham Beeches ,and the brook that flows through BB ,is The Nile. PS,YD and I went for a trudge there on Sunday afternoon …it was beautiful ,but as always tinged with sadness .It is so hard when we re-visit places where we had such happy times with Rosie. The good news is that since we last went they have a new caff ( important ), toilets ( vital ) and a sensory sculpture trail – and as you know how much Grandma loves the arts (not ) we’ll be dragging her there next summer .

News from Uplands .This afternoon there is the grand opening of their new bar ( i.e. B&Q shed with shelves , a counter and a few stools ), set in the garden just outside Grandma’s window. She has been asked to make a speech , so I am shooting over to vet it . She told Jacob yesterday , that she’s going to include her views on how bad the food is.Not quite the motivational speech they were hoping for. Actually Jacob found out ,they had asked her to say a prayer , but she misheard ,and thought they said speech . So…they asked her to say a prayer too – but she was having none of that religious stuff , just her speech , which should probably be titled ”everything that pisses me off about Uplands”.

Apart from us 4 is anyone watching ‘Coach trip’ ? Is it me , or is Amanda driving you mad ????

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