Any advice ?

Florence has a tricky decision to make …Brighton ,Leeds ,Lougborough or Glasgow. I thought she could tippex out the names of the charities on the boxes at the exit to Waitrose ,and when she gave out those little green plastic discs, she could ask the customers to drop them in the one they think she should go to.

Florence ,on the other hand ,has decided to consult her band of gurus- Elena, the guy that took the orders in drive-thru McDonalds, Kat’s Mum, Jacob, Jacob’s housemates, Jacob’s nearly-housemates ,Stolly,Izzy P. Ryan, Adam and Liz, the lady in the bed opposite Grandma .

We have just got back from hospital to find our special Richard C. fairy had been round and pruned our bush(es) .Huge Thanks.

3 Replies to “Any advice ?”

  1. Not that I’m being asked, but I decided to vote for Lougborough given I knew nothing about it – then I looked it up on Wikipedia and discovered loads of Aussies go to university there and suddenly it went to the bottom of the list!

  2. id say brighton with glasgow a close second but thats mainly going on the fair job mothers advice x

  3. I’d go Glasgow, it’s meant to be such a fun city and didn’t Flo’s teacher recommend the course there? Let us know what she picks!

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