A picnic

Grandmama and I picnic’d in the garden of Brigstock Manor today . Sounds grand eh – like grandma lives in a stately home – you couldn’t be more wrong ( think South london Social services………………! )

I left her in the capable hands of Judy ,who was just about to start a armchair keep fit class for the over 85’s. I have put my name down for next week as is seems I’m the only one not doing any training for the 1K – you might all think its 10K , but i know a shortcut !

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  1. Rachel, where abouts in Kenya is this school? my family live there, (Nairobi?) my cousin is going over for 2 months and was hoping to work in a school/orphanage, and I may join her in the summer, so any information you might have would be much appreciated, I’d love to get involved if I do go.

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