Adam , the school is called Sothend Academy ( NOT to be confused with the one in Essex ) and it is in the Bungoma region of W. Kenya. How fantastic if you could visit there . Rosie’s project doesn’t start til Jan 2010 , as this is the beginning of their academic year.

If you need anymore info get in touch with us or ACE Africa.

Please can anyone explain the end of ‘Red Riding ‘ last night ?

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  1. I’m with you on ‘Red Riding’-what was all that about the carpet? Did Sean Bean only have one polo neck? Was his wife nutty for any particular reason? Could the police not stub out their cigarettes in an ashtray? Puzzled of Ealing.

  2. Hi Rachel, just read through your wonderfully humourous blogs. Thought I was clever in working out what AF was but missed the creme egg. Didn’t watch Red Riding as gave up on the first one, attention span waning so can’t help on that one. Can tell you about Mistresses though !

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