Are you watching ‘the race’ tonight?

Georgie , i think to see patrick’s photos you have to go to ‘off myspaceface,I’m a twitter/login/ com’ – or something similar. When Flo told Grandma she’d been to a life drawing class , Grandma replied with ” can’t anyone in your family study a proper subject?” – nice to know we have her full backing !

Just returned from a lovely lunch chez Maynards- it was like being abroad, dined al fresco , drank pink fizz, had my feet licked ( by Tally – their dog ) and had the best brushcetta I’ve ever had.

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  1. Hi Rach,
    Loved Joan’s “paintbrushes to Kenya” comment…..I howled! and now saying this to Flo…..priceless! You know what you really need in the family….a nurse or a doctor! Then you’ld be talking…….even a launderette owner would score higher than an artist! I long for the day when you and John swim in the pool and play with Dottie. Love you Rach….xxxxxxDec

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