Bad grammar , but you know what I mean

I won’t bore you , but we ( well John ,Flo and I , plus Sarah and Gro in Copenhagen ) have gone down with the lurgy . You know the thing- high temp , coughing, sore throat , no energy …and now i really am boring you .

Actually John and I are on the way up , less of a temp, cough , can manage to get dressed – by this time you’re asleep with boredom .

Suffice it to say , we couldn’t even face supper and Scrabs with friends on NYE , instead we stayed in and watched Nile Rogers , hoping for a glimpse of Freya and Jacob , jigging in the audience .Had to go to bed half-way through the fireworks as they hurt my eyes .

So I won’t say HNY as it’s a load of bollux . Said it last time in 2007 and have vowed never to say it again .

But I do send my love and thanks to all my kind friends and family who have made the last year a little bit lovely .

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