A fair exchange ?

Last night I finished reading ‘The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared’. It was OK .The beginning was good ,the end was good ,but it sort of lost it’s way in the middle .I think I put off finishing it as I told myself that on completion I would read the next book on my Kindle – which I only bought as

a) when we go away we can only take 15kg luggage

b) in the camper van there is only so much room for John , me ,2 head torches and 2 books ..in a 4 foot bed

c) when I’m unable to sleep ,I can read on it without disturbing John ( unless of course he is snoring ,then I can bash him with it ) .

But now I have to follow written instructions and read manual type thing and that’s very hard with a coddled brain .

So if any one has one and they’d like to pop round and give me a lesson – I’ll make them a pot .

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  1. ….of tea?
    Sorry I don’t have a Kindle but I do find it funny that you have to read instructions (in a book ?) to find out how to use it.It reminds me of the time I was locked out of my email account and the advise on the phone line was to send an email……….

  2. No not tea…think Rodin/Henry Moore/Grayson Perry then put them out of your mind and imagine a squidgy bowl that looks like it’s been made by a 3year old chimpanzeeand that is doing a chimpanzee a dis-service

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