The Ramblers must have got it wrong

Today we did a walk from my foolproof book ”Walk Britain. The Ramblers top 50 walking routes to Britain’s finest views”. What a load of old tosh – yes the walk was beautiful , but no way was it foolproof – we got hopelessly lost. We walked up ( and down) Beacon Hill, Pulpit Hill , Cymbeline Castle Hill , plus every other hill within a 9 mile radius. Cos I’m always loosing my glasses , I’d printed off 4 copies of the route and dished them out and as back-up Ali had her orange OS map. We saw Red Kites , Chequers , were caught on CCTV , answering the call of nature – which should give Gordon’s security guards , something to put on youtube. We stopped for coffee and scooby snacks, a picnic lunch , and when we finally made it back to Little kimble Station, we went back to The Jinmans for tea , so you’ll be glad to know we didn’t starve ( although there was a 55minute window I was worried about ).

I was telling them about the time Rosie ( and some mates , Laura, Izzy and who else ? ) came back from her D of E ramble. They started the walk, turned right instead of left and added about 6miles to its length. She was most indignant as they had been thrown out of a pub. I tried pointing out The Landlord was trying to make a living , and you lot using his toilets , eating your own packed lunches and not buying a drink , wasn’t helping his cause. That didn’t go down too well. I ( and he ) were clearly in the wrong !

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  1. No Claire- that was my foolproof ‘Circular Tea shop walks in The Chilterns’ book- the only problem being , our walk wasn’t quite so circular.

  2. no no we didnt want to eat in the pub all we wanted to do was sit for about 15 minutes on the EMPTY green outside which he refused to let us do. luckly mr.curtis smoothed things over and he moodly said ok. i think rosie did her room 101 project on ‘local pubs for local people’ lol.

  3. Izzy, who else was on that adventure ? Who was map reading ? Did you have to pick 2 things to go into room 101 , if so what was Rosie’s other one ?

  4. me holly, izzy, rosie, laura, manpreet and samara. the map was passed around alot..maybe that was the problem. we had this running joke throughout the trip that one of the teachers(who got WAY to into the whole outdoor experience) was a woodland man who lived in the forest and scouraged for fruit and nut. my favourite part of the trip was spending a good 3 hours thinking of different verses for a song we made up about him each one getting weirder and weirder then singing it later that evening in definete earshot of him. i think we just had to pick one then write a speech about it. xx

  5. ha yeah it makes more sense when i explain the teacher. i tell you about him when im next round..dan the woodland man. x

  6. I remember on day two samara took control of the map, I remember clearly me and Rosie hung back and decided not to get involved as there were too many high pitched gals trying to give their thoughts. we were making up more verses for this song. For about an hour we (samara lol) couldn’t find the way out of the road that went around the campsite, one big circle, stressy gals..such a good weekend xx

  7. Such good times- i shared a tent with Rosie. That was the time she got her hair all stuck in the tent zip, she stressed SO much so quickly! I just sat there laughing for a while as she was begging me to “just get some bloody scissors and chop it!” Luckily we didnt have to resort to doing that. The next morning, me and Rosie got ‘punished’ for being so loud and excitable that Miss Kahan got us to litter pick. We found a fiver in the grass. We felt like right chezzas x

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