Just off to buy The Buckfast for tonight’s feast

Emerald fell at the first fence
We were up at 5 ,left at 6 and were sitting on the hard shoulder of the M40 at 7.22 ,waiting for the RAC man, as we’d had a blow out !
He came ,did his stuff and directed us to Banbury’s version of Quikfit ,which we have renamed Slowfit .
Four hours into our journey and our heads were down ,then came the phonecall- It was Florence .She had just found out she had got A First .Our heads were up ,there were tears .We are very very proud of her -she has worked so hard and her stuff is so beautiful .
By 2.30 yesterday the troops had arrived, the corks had popped and we were off for late lunch and then to see the most wonderful degree show .Then it was iced Margaritas all round and the after show party – which John and I did not go to .
Today we’ve done the Glasgow open topped bus tour ,on the recommendation of Ann and Ian – sublime ,we all loved it .

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