Florence’s Day

Wouldn’t normally blog while I’m away,but it’s Florence’s Graduation today ,and although we don’t know the time, the gowns not been booked, i have emotional butterflies(plus no laptop,smart/i/anything that does stuff ,phone…)so taken the opportunity and logged onto the guest house’s PC for 5 miniutes.
If Glasgow is wonderful, the Scottish Highlands,Islands,Lochs ,coast and forests are even wonderfuller (?).We are sunburnt, midge-bitten and my hips ache from going up all those hills.We walked every day and barbecued every night .Like the rest of the happy campers we were tucked in by 11pm. Emerald did us proud- The alarm only went off 8 times and the back door jammed twice ( still is ).
But it’s about today …Jacob is joining us and Rosie is watching us ..so with that in my head ,I’m hoping the butterflies calm down for a bit and I can keep the tears in .

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  1. Have been wondering how the big day went and hoping the butterflies were replaced by broad grins as you watched Florence graduate.

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