I love you so much , my knees ache with love

I am finding it unbearable to think about this day 7 years ago , so instead I am thinking about fifty years ago , when Jane used to put this record on the turntable and she would belt it out .

It never meant much to me , and now it does .
It means everything .
I sing it to Rosie .

So if you have about two and a half minutes spare, put it on , and sing it with me ,for Rosie , who I love and miss so very much that I hurt right down to my bones


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  1. Dear Rachel, just wanted to send lots of love to you today and to say we are all thinking about you and remembering Rosie. I often think about the day I met you at 135 play session – Rosie had on a lovely green woolly jumper.
    Please send my love to John and Jacob and Florence and looking forward to seeing you when I get back,
    Emma xxxxxxxxxxxx

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