Just about to watch ‘Grease’ the musical , wheres gareth when you need him ?

We went to a fabulous party last night to celebrate Sarah’s 30th .Sarah looked amazing, in a deep purple dress, even though John swore it was blue . The champagne flowed ( for some more than others ??) , the food was delicious, people danced and all I could see was Rosie dancing on the decking about 5 years ago- if you watch her video , you will see her. So i apolojise for being a MOB. But Richard,Sarah’s Dad gave me a brilliant ”carry-on” line which made me laugh more than i have done in 40 weeks.

I passed the ‘can i get Grandma in the new car test today ‘. We picnic’d in The Rookery at the top of Streatham Common. I even remembered to bring her home again !

Good luck and love to all you going back back to Uni . B’ham, Istanbul, Leicester, Berlin,london,Bratislava, newcastle, Manchester,Brighton, Thames Valley ( joke ) leeds,Loughborough, Norwich are lucky to have you. I don’t doubt Rosie would have stayed in london – god how she loved this city . So a special cheers to Stu and Holly who would probably have been her roomies.

*MOB , was a term used by Grandma when she was being complimenary – miserable old bitch !

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  1. the photo of rosie with the menu i rmember in that pub laughing so much at a group of gals next to us in particular one gal who was wearing something really funny (izzy can you rmember what we called her and what it was she was wearing its really annoying me trying to think).

    ps lol “Thames Valley (joke)” you should be careful there mayb a few closet thames valley blog fans out there.. there never gonna write that comment now.

  2. went over to holly and stu’s house the other day, and thought the exact same thing, Rosie would definately have loved it, it was so her.
    have no internet in camberwell, which means no tfl to plan my routes to escape the bloody place, but most importantly no blog… I’ve just had a blog catch marathon which made me smile/cry at the same time.

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