Wish i could have seen it – the exhibition ,not the dog

I was a bit scared this morning .

My friend and I set off on our Marble Hill , put the world to rights , walk , when about 7 yards in front of me I saw a brown ,baldy ,thin, dog running towards me – I just knew something was going to happen when he didn’t appear to slow down or make a slight body swerve.

He then made a huge leap up and smashed into my top of the chest/ base of my neck bit .I really thought he was going to bite me . He jumped down and then back up again , while I screamed to his owner ( who looked as petrified as me ) ”get him off me” , to which she replied ”he’s only a puppy” to which I replied ” I don’t care if he’s 100years old” , he shouldn’t be let loose .

There was no blood , no bite , but I couldn’t stop shaking .My friend , who has 2 little dogs , said she’d never seen a dog jump so high . I don’t know if that’s a badge of honour for the dog or me …

So when I get home and took a look at Instagram , this put a big fat smile on my face …..

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  1. OMG it’s so creative and different.
    Lots of talent there you must be proud
    You’ll have to get your hands on it ! x

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