Hope Izzy’s heatings back on

Sorry , forgot to mention , Izzy P came round for afternoon tea *,yesterday, and told us poor Ann had had an arguement with an icy pavement – and the pavement won. I have absolutely no doubt that Stu hasn’t taken her nurses uniform off since the day of the disagreement.

* I feel it constituted being called afternoon tea, even though we had coffee, as i made a banana cake , recipe from Rosie’s ‘ cakes and cookies recipes for under 8’s ( years not dress size ), plus the bananas had gone black – I still buy them even though Rosie was the only one who ate them – well half of them , I’usually find the other half stuffed down the side of the settee .

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  1. Word of warning:-don’t ever put a newly baked banana cake in the boot of a clapped out old banger and then drive for 3 hours to Exeter. A friend of mine did it once,in student days, and we all sat round salivating for a slice of home cooking and a cup of tea. Petrol cake….absolutely disgusting.

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