All quiet on the SK front – not.

This afternoon , I felt like , and no doubt looked like, Alex kingston in a later edition of ER. But where was my little George Clooney when I needed him ? …..Wearing his marigolds ( and some clothes ) and up to his elbows in washing up. At soup kitchen this afternoon , it was all gong swimmingly. The menu included jacket pots, cheese and beans, soup ( an obvious one ) , sandwiches, choccie biscuits, apples , oranges and bananas. Most visitors had been served ,I was stting and chatting to the lovely G***********K, who was telling me about his debilitating mood swings and how he has his violent temper under control when someone walked in with his gatecrashing dog. Another diner thought it might be fun to stick his face right by the dogs mouth . the dog wasn’t quite so impressed and so snapped his jaw shut just over the mans eye. This resulted in lots of blood, me phoning 999 and 2 ambulances and a police car arriving in about 8minutes.

So we got through another Sunday without a major incident ?!

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