A trip to ‘The Orange Tree’

I’ve looked outside, it’s cold , dark, dank and raining, suddenly the planned swim in Hampton Open Air pool, doesn’t seem quite so appealing .

Lorna joined me on my little jaunt to Brigstock and we took Grandmama out to lunch to somewhere we’ve never dined before – The Pavillion cafe in Dulwich Park – wall to ceiling with Yummy mummies.buggies ,kids emptying all the salt, pepper on the floor, everything wholsome and good for you , so we went for the fusion-food option, 3 bowls of pasta …and chips.

Then last night I went to see a barking mad musical – ‘The lady and The Tiger’. pants reviews, good fun with the added bonus of an audience participation sing along in the second half – reading words ..and singing..and laughing…and scared you’re going to be picked on , now how distracting is that ?

Did anyone see the brilliant documentary ‘ Sing for the Brain ‘?

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