7years and 1 day

That last entry is just the best ever – I can hear Rosie saying it .

I nearly didn’t put it on as I thought Freddie Lumberg was a year tenner , but I googled him and he’s a Swedish footballer , so that’s OK !

Last night it was as if Tom cruise was in the room – not in his Mission Impossible role or with his creepy Scientology hat on , but as Brian Flanagan in Cocktail .

Rosie’s friends came round and in her honour we pulled out her huge wall-mounted picture from ‘We Cluster and We Stick ‘ , looked at the paintings ,the collages, read the words ,threw cushions on the floor ( except me – I had a chair , would never have got up ) and created a range of classy cocks . To keep in the New Orleans theme , we started with Hurricanes, then went onto Whisky Sours, Negronis, Old Fashioneds and were going to end on Sazeracs ,but we were just too full ..of crawfish gumbo, jambalaya, mac’n’cheese, Mississippi mud pie . coleslaw etc etc

My head hurts a bit today , but is worth every minute of being close to the people who she was closest to .

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