”Suddenly the horizon didn’t look right.”

The 26th December this year is the 10 year anniversary of The Asian Tsunami Disaster .I have been thinking of Nim and her family a lot .

In last Saturday’s paper there was a very moving article by Edie Fassnidge , who was kayaking with her mother,sister and boyfriend off a Thai beach , when the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit. She and boyfriend,Matt, survived. Tragically , her sister ,Alice and their mother did not . She found it hard to write about it , with the depth it deserves ,and so illustrated her book ‘Rinse, Spin, Repeat ‘ with lots of little drawings.

I continue to read about other people’s grief- how they describe it ,what they have to say and how they feel etc .I never stop feeling sad and pain for them and very often ,bits of what is written about them ,resonate with me .None more so than this final paragraph ‘Since the tsunami, Edie feels she’s living for her mother and Alice as well as herself -she says ” I don’t find that a pressure ,I find it a positive .Above all,I know that in a split second you can lose everything”

I feel like that about doing stuff for Rosie – she’s not here to do stuff ,so I dam well will …and with my will and her holding my hand and urging me on , cobble our way through it together

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