Steamed heat

I’m sorry , I’ve blown my recruitment drive. Flo and I bedded down for ‘Coach Trip’ last night , only to be told by Brendan that tomorrows is the last one . Never fear I will tell you when they’ve refueled .

Yesterday Helenka, Joella, Leo , Georgina and Katie left our kitchen and were replaced by Izzy P- another beaut.Lovely to see , but so heartbreaking seeing Rosie so so so happy.

The hi light of today is a trip to the dentist, won’t bore you with the details, but it did involve a row, a storming off,( thankfully NOT the dentist ) a conversation with the most boring camera enthusiast in the world and a coconut icecream . Not quite Walton’s mountain here .

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  1. before I forget…. just got a reply from my enquiries into Triangle space…. they are still a bit unwilling to give me the Dean of Colleges contact details, but I have explained the circumstances, hopefully this will make them a bit more forthcoming.
    HOWEVER I was told this: 
    Alan Graham who is responsible for Space Booking at Chelsea. Tel: 0207 514 7827.

    so may be worth giving him a ring, and cutting out Dean/Crossley middlemen.

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