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The 4 of us went upto town last night to an old haunt of ours ‘The Young Vic’ to a funk, reggae musical thingy ( drew comparisons to Limelight ) called ‘been so long’.Ab fab. But the hilight to me was walking along the southbank ( and AF- its nothing to do with me being a south London Gal ) and having dinner alfresco at The gourmet pizza Co. You can’t get a better view of london than that – St Pauls. The Gherkin, The Eye, Jacob’s Head etc etc. Rosie said her favourite part of london was the view from The Millenium Bridge.

Ever since J,R,and F were little we used to go up to The Southbank , in those days we could park directly outside The Festival Hall, slap on the disabled badges and with Jane in tow the 6 of us would go and explore. We saw 2 of my all time favourite exhibitions – Dwayne Hanson and a multi- sensory one – ‘Tap. Ruffle and Shave’ ( I love art you can touch – has anyone experienced art for the blind – its brill ), we would then go onto Gabriel’s Wharf and eat . Such happy happy days.

The other time I remember, is when we went up there with The Fletchers ( and Grandma ? ) and the kids put on their roller blades and whizzed off. We were walking from The festival Hall to Tower Bridge and we agreed to picnic outside The Tate Mod. We all rendezvoused there except one – Rosie , she shot straight past the Tate and ended up by ‘The Clink ‘ ( a visit there with The Fletchers warrants another story ). I think Bob, John and the boys went and found her tears , but of course it was all MY fault !

Adam , thanks for the number , i’ve left a message with Graham .

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  1. We had such lovely days all together…they had alot of fun ..and injuries on those blades.The Clink – was great too -didnt we have a strange man showing us round?

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