40 long months since I’ve held her

While John is out in the community doing good stuff- he is part of a team are doing up someones house ,who could no way afford to have it done , I am reaching for the alka seltzer and moving very slowly . Last night 3 of us ate like a Shah and paid like a pauper .We dined in a local Iranian restaurant, had loads , bought our own ( as it happens, far too much ) and then moved on for nightcaps at a local bar ,then came home and ate a cream egg .Why ,I don’t even like the dam things ? Now I can’t find my glasses

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  1. This week at work my year 3 pupils are learning about children in Africa and how school is a luxury not every child has. So I told them about Rosie and showed them the pictures from Southend Academy, and we talked about how a few good people can make a big difference!! XXX

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