Carry on screen printing

I’ve had my nurses hat on today ( plus other clothes)- looked more Hattie Jacques than Babs Windsor – mores the pity. Flo is recovering well and sporting a rather dapper blue Jimmy Choo ( not ) .

We’ve done art therapy in sick bay – it wore us out !

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  1. Hiya. news from me-me and susie met hasan today- he lives in the aisin side. Really nice guy- he gave us his mums home cooked pastry and home cooked BACKLAVA. delicious. then played us his sita thing. He has a funny german housemate called mathais, both re really nice people. and we’ve come back to our hostel in taksim to go and get some shisha and a few drinks with them. We unfortunately cannot live with Hasan as we only want to stay in places for a month at a time. but he’s putting us up for a week in his room until we get a flat.

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