I am what I am …..again

I was kissed on the forehead by A Cagelle , had a bit of banter with John Barrowman and met a new friend ( we bonded over seeing ‘La cage’ 3 times, Priscilla, once and seeing ‘Talent ‘ next week- I am going on Tues and , sadly, he is going on Wed and so our friendship is scuppered by one night ) last night. I think Flo and Nat also had a bit of facial fondling by a crossdressing beautiful man, while Sarah,Georgie and Fifi had an thonged tight butt ( not mine ) thrust in there faces . Yes just another night in at 106 .No really we went to see ‘la cage aux Folles’ …again. Yes i know , i’ve seen it before with Douglas Hodge and Graham Norton- no, I didn’t go with them ( although, that would be something interesting to read on the blog ), they were starring in it . We pushed the boat out and sat at the cabaret tables – where you see EVERYTHING.It was amazing – if you need some cheering up therapy , do go and see it. Sadly though, Flo ( who has had her stiches out , and has thrown away her blue boofty Jimmy choo,but is still in pain )and I missed talking to Jacob and Susie on Skypey ( nothing to do with Bush Kangaroos- I loved that programme ). Alls well in Istanbul – they are now at Uni there and staying with Hassan til they get their own pad. I think the water came on in the hostel on day 2 and so you’ll be pleased to know they’ve had a shower ( but not half as pleasesd as Hassan ).

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  1. Ahh the boofty blue shoe has gone!! Cabaret thing sounds so so funny. I heard Fiona drove you all central in the Day’s ‘7 seater mum on a missioncar’. I have just set up my room in my new house in Leicester, it’s lovely. I need to buy white tac tomorrow so i can plaster the walls in pictures of Rummy Rosie 🙂 I miss her terribly. Lots of love, see you when I’m back in the capital. xxxx

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