Don’t get The G. confused with The Stig.

Jacob, drink plenty of water , slap on loads of factor 50 , and book a place for The G – she says she’s never been to The Sahara.

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  1. back fro, the sahara! not quite as smooth as the last time we went. we were told to get off our camels and walk the last part over a mountain of sand because the sun was setting and they had to go back for another group. we climbed to the top of the snad ,ountain but there xas no camp on its over side, so 18 of us ended up havin to chase after the camels leaving to get the guide. fun in hindsight;
    tomorrow we head to esouira.
    has flo started kingston yet . aka tomorrpw?

    also… we all know that I dont need suncream any more. got a crisp tan boiiiii

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