Up,up and away

Last night I went to the PV of Kate’s exhibition .I cried when I walked in .Her work is so beautiful . I so so wished Florence could have been there with me , but Kings Cross is a long way from Glasgow, especially when you have a lot of work on . But my tears were not those horrible sad tears ,but those tears shed when I see beauty .Her stuff is wonderful . My favourite piece is ‘Sepal’ ,and of course I was drawn ( and stood next to ,for a lot of the evening ,with Shirley Ann, Kate’s Mother ) to ‘Whelm I,II & III,’ the pieces that Florence worked on ,. But perhaps the one most suited to me ,was FINE ( F****d-up,Insecure,Neurotic & Emotional)

If you can ,go and see it .I hope when Jacob and Florence are home ,we will all go together , and of course Rosie will be there with us too .


John and I ar aiming to fly high in the cable-car above The Thames today.More beautiful things to look at .

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