AF hits the Gelata Tower

Jacob cooched up with Hannah and Susie last night , so no need for the ‘hungry and homeless’ sign I’d made him. No doubt he’s had his first kebab/baclava ( a pastry ,not the hat I knitted for him )/game of tabla/Efes etc etc. Meanwhile, back at the ranch , Georgina left home, Florence , then Izzy, then Stu , then Moi were declared bankrupt while Natalie bcame rich and threw us out of our homes- yes you’ve guessed correctly we were playing Monopoly. We were so engrossed we didn’t notice we’d demolished ( no not Natalies hotels on the yellow ones – Coventry Street, leicester Square etc ) but a whole tin of choccies and a bottle of tequila ( a la sunrise ) .

Today we reinacted the dualthon cycling and running. John , Bob and Richard cycled to , and around Richmond park , while Sarah and I drove round in the ‘support vehicle’ stopping off for a bracing walk around Isabella Plantation ( where Rosie fell off the stepping stones into the pond ), Pens Ponds and through the woods and the coffee and Victoria sandwich Cake in pembroke Lodge. Okay so there was no running , but we walked pretty quickly when a huge Alsation got too close

DIY this afternoon – yawn.

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