What language is this in ?

Adam, mines not – even though I am fluent in it …

Visitors v welcome .The novelty of being a nurse that has trouble getting up and down the stairs ,is wearing off .I need distraction therapy , whereas poor Florence needs a bucketload of painkillers.

Plus we are upstairs ..so No TV which means NO ‘Judge Judy’ -as recommended by friend Paul ( intimes of stress )

2 Replies to “What language is this in ?”

  1. Mine’s still in English! Hope you’re both doing ok. I will be in Ealing to entertain you (well, no guarantees, but I can at least try haha) at the end of next week if you’re both still hobbling about! xx

  2. mine is back in english now – for a while all the buttons were in german!! I thought I was going mad / Jacob had hacked it as some art project!

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