Bob Geldof

Reading what Bob Geldof wrote about the death of his daughter ,Peaches,can be very painful ,and at times very similar to the way I feel .On TLP I spoke not only of my sadness ,but also my sense of failure , because what is the one most important thing to me in the world? To protect my children.

Last week , Bob Geldof said this

”But of course I blame myself.I’m a parent and what worse failure is there to preside over than the death of your child? I defy any parent who has been through it not to do the same .If your kid was knocked down in a car accident, you’d say to yourself: if only I’d insisted they’d stayed home that night…..” he trails off.

He also says he likes playing Scrabble .

I’ve thought about this and I know why. Because when I play Scrabble ( or even do Zumba , or the crossword with John or play cards or Cluedo or The Game with no name etc etc ) – it takes my brain to safe and positive place where I can’t really think .In fact if give my brain a little rest , which has to good

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