Too cryptic

I think I lost the plot yesterday . No Lorna, i didn’t mean ‘The Hell Fire Club’s caves’ are next door ….I meant John and i went to visit a charity next door to THCC in West Wickham Bucks. It was even too cryptic for me to understand.

We received a mystery visitor last night. He’s a mystery cos he pops in at least once a week , last night looking like a bronzed Adonis and bearing gifts – a bottle of the pinkest , strawberry infused cava , as recommended by Mavis on checkout ,in Sainsburies ( not to be recommended by jacob and Rach in Coldershaw road ) …..and he has NEVER read this blog.

So, this is a test for him and you . Who is he ? The prize this time is a scratched Billy Joel CD ( subtle clue in the prize )

2 Replies to “Too cryptic”

  1. A cunning ploy – flushing me out into the open with the irresistible offer of a scratched BJ CD. As for the quality of the cava, dont blame me – like the Royal Bank of Scotland, tombolas aren’t what they used to be. And Clarkey – less of the “ol’ crooner”, if you don’t mind. I have a very healthy teenage following (he fantasised).

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