I’m heading north up the A12

Forget The Ganges ,Im off to swim in my spiritual place today , Walberswick . Of course it’s not really spiritual , but ,I feel so close to ALL my family there- Geoffrey ,Joan , Jane , Rosie and as we scattered Janes’ ashes there and Joan requested hers to be scattered there , it is extra extra lovely

I’ve done a lot of swimming in the sea this holiday . Three days ago ,it was in Eype , two days ago , it was in Birchington on Sea (never been there before ) . I must add that for swimming , I mean a few strokes then bobbing up and down squinting at everyone else then when no-ones around doing handstands – because only place I could ever do them was in water

…Anyway ,this year ,I’ve seen all sizes – big one ,floaty ones, clusters of the dam things and one even gave me an electric shock of a sting . But I really find jellyfish beautiful and fascinating and I’m quite stupidly drawn to them . A bit weird really

…Anyway ( again ) , the one thing that we always say when we are on a beach . the only member of the family who could run barefoot across the stones and not go ‘ooh ow ooh ‘ and sort-of hop around , was Rosie . She was a tough old bird .

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