John’s got a new bike

Eight months ago today , we said goodbye to Rosie . I miss and long for her more every single day .

Cos my heads in a bad place , I’ll do an inhead brainstorming session.

Felt absolutely cream crackered yesterday after my mountainous ( well hilly) walk. Poor Grandma had to put up with me in a zombie like state – don’t think she noticed , too busy getting her gnashers round her wonderful ,homemade steak and mustard sandwich . We dined al fresco in Le Jardin de Brigstock , until the force 10 gales blew us inside.

AF has been busy putting the 130, 21cm painted acylic square , collage of Rosie together – it looks AMAZING…Holly , Amy W. and laura came round to see it. They made us Margaritas with the added secret ingredient- lemon sorbet ( not a joke ) – all those little mexican bars will be serving them now.

Thanks to everyone who created a square . NOW….we would like a glossy photo of you , preferably with Rosie . So if you have one ,please get down to ‘snappy snaps’ , get a copy and send it to us ( less than 21cm x 21cm )- all will be revealed 14- 18 December.

We said Au revoir to ours and Rosie’s amazing friend Georgie – that means one less blog commentor – she is off to climb MachuEverestwindowsHorsedenhillpichu. We will miss her. Just one word of advice- DON’T put in a bogus insurance claim – we need you here !

Had lunch today with 2 lovely bereaved mothers . To anyone looking in , we were just like the women on sex in the city ( except there was 1 missing and 1 that looked like she’d just stepped out The Jeremy kyle show – me ). So tonight when you have that lovely first glass of chilled white, raise your glasses to Angela, Anthony and Rosie , who were cheated of their precious lives.

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