For me – it barely touched the sides , but knowing Rosie , she probably wouldn’t have evn bothered with the glass

Yesterday daytime was lovely .

A friend and I went up to Hyde park , polished Rosie’s plaque, had coffee by The Isis ,re-polished Rosie’s plaque, had our photo taken by Rosie’s plaque, went into the Serpentine Gallery and spent more time in the toilet and the shop than at the Leon Golub exhibition ( I’ve decided I’m not a fan ) .Then we strolled past Kensington Palace and went up in the lift to the Kensington Roof Gardens where we ate our scoobysnacks surrounded by flamingoes and streams and Moorish architecture- just lovely .

Yesterday evening was not so good .

I was due to drop out 2 Thai students at their language school at 10pm as they were getting the overnight coach to Edinburgh .The coach was late and they didn’t end up going til 11 . My evening was screwed . So when I got back home around 11.15 ,I was cold ,hungry ,low and craved chocolate and alcohol ( in that order ) .So to kill all the birds with one stone ,I cracked open a bottle of ‘ Original Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold ‘ ( think chocolate Baileys) , that I had bought as a gift for Rosie in November 2008 when I went to Salzburg for the weekend ..and had a little weep .

She would have loved it – it’s not bloody fair

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