To Liz and Sally and everyone else

Dear Liz and Sally ,thank-you for your lovely comments .
Thank-you too for all friends ,far and wide ,who texted ,emailed and phoned saying lots of positive and heartfelt things
It really does mean a lot to me .
To be brutally honest I was flattered to be invited back on , yet devastated that Mandy was in Spain , so couldn’t come too – it was not the same without her..
It is weird ,having a conversation in front of a microphone , and trying to get out the words I actually mean ( not a crass load of old b******ks) that i feared i might . Also it is hard not to cry .Before we started recording I was telling Fi about how Rosie died , and so I was always a little wobbly .Personally ,I would always prefer people ( who are genuinely interested ) knew ,than guessed or just wondered . So when the interview officially started ,I clutched my trusty linen hankie and dug deep .I made a conscious effort not to gabble .
As you know ,I would rather my life was such that I would never have to talk about Rosie in the past .But as you also know , she has died and life goes on and we have to be strong and kind and true and safe and positive ( cue the school song from ‘Goodbye Mr Chips – which I’m thinking of having at my ‘do’ when i leave this world ) , so that is another reason i did it – to talk about her, family, love , friendship and hope .
Funnily enough 3 friends ( Lynne,Kay and Paul M. ) texted me to say they were contacted by their respective sisters who were listening to The Listening Project yesterday ,when they heard me and remembered I was a friend of theirs – that’s quite a lot of tuned in siblings .

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