If you have nothing better to do


9am Radio 4 today
Although I cannot listen to it ( taking a group to The Wetlands Centre ) , I’m a bit nervous cos I ight be on it .

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  1. With your initial listening project I was impressed with your words, similarly with this week’s contribution. My own son died five years ago ,your positive comments reassured me on both occasions. You express your thanks for your friends,and your love for your family powerfully. Always ready to mention Rosie is music to my ears.

  2. Just saying – you’re a natural. I wanted you to keep going…you express it all in such human terms, it would be hard not to connect with what you’re saying – and the depth of your grief. xxx

  3. I didn’t know you were on again! You speak so well about Rosie and about your grief. It’s great to listen to you and Mandy as well xxx

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