Izzy and Phil fly away

It’s a huge big fat farewell and au-revoir and be’hatzlacha to Izzy and Phil who jet off to Australia tomo

We all wish them a a wonderful ,happy ,safe adventure and Izzy ,it may sound silly ,but I shall miss you .You are such a special person and when you are near,I feel a bit of Rosie is near too .I know how much she loved you and from somewhere ‘out there’ I believe she is right behind you egging you on and at times ,right next to you , holding your hand .

it was lovely we made it to your leaving party ( despite Transport for London letting us down and sending my blood pressure sky-high! ) and special to have breakfast with you the week before .. I wanted to give you something of Rosie’s to take with you and I remembered clearly when you gave Rosie that YSL Touche Eclat for her 18th birthday and how much she LOVED it ! It was dabbed onto to every spot and blemish and carried with her at all times ( albeit in a mashed up state ) . She used it up in a couple of months and bought herself another one . So with trepidation I went up to her room , looked through her make up bag and found it . So .if you can find room ,please keep Rosie’s well worn gold spot-stick close and then I know part of her is in Aus with you .
Isn’t it funny that Bert chose the photo of you and Rosie – you with the clown’s ruff and her with the wig , for this month’s front page ?

Sending you heaps and heaps of love.


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