I’ve said it before and I honestly don’t think there will be a day I will stop saying it , but seeing unfamiliar photos of Rosie is difficuilt ( nearly as hard as coming across a piece of her handwriting – that is almost unbearable ). Her love of life and raw beauty speaks to me through her photos .My overwhelming love and desire for her , winds me , hits me in my gash and unsettles me BUT , I sort of peek at them until I feel an ease of looking at them .I love her so much and as she is so alive in her photographs, when I see them , my loosely stitched scar splits open and it is hard to pick myself up or at least cover it up. But ,I do want to see every photo of her, I can’t bear the thought of there being photos out there I can’t or haven’t seen. On the 21st of every month Bert chooses and downloads the photos of Rosie onto her website .I thank him so much for that .He makes brilliant choices .This month it’s Helen,Tim,Rosie and Natalie at John’s 50th , then it’s the familiar photo of Rosie in her Waitrose uniform , taken by Laura .In the blog one , she is with Holly – where was that taken ? Tomorrow I turn over my calender…December is finally here and the most beautiful photo of Izzy P and Rosie will be shining down at me from my kitchen wall. It won’t be easy cooking the dinner while peeking round the door.

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