Real answer -it’s a sort of Spanish omelette

Last night we dined out last night courtesy of The Ealing Gazette, I won a competition with the correct answer to what is a frittata ( an Italian patata ? ) ? I posted my answer to them on the back of a weird ,violenty eroticy ,Frida Kahlo postcard- Bertollinis phoned to say I’d won and told us they picked my answer as they liked the colourful card. They treated us like 4year olds – putting celebratory balloons on out table, but we ate and drank like 54year olds- even trying to rip the balloons off the table leg to take home with us ,when we left !

Then today , the 4 of us dined out al fresco on the banks of the Thames – it was beautiful, with the first peroni ,it felt like we were abroad.. Then we all saw ‘Soap’ and went for a walk in Hyde Park – God ,London is a great place to live.

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