Welcome home

Rosie’s lovely friend Katie is back from her gap year . She has done all the usual stuff , had an affair with a mountie , wrestled with a grizzly bear, learnt the language – can you guess where she’d been . No not somewhere north of Watford Gap – although it was a good guess, yes you’ve got it ….Canada. She ( and we ,including Natchat ) knew so much about the country , that none of us could answer ‘what is the capital?’ So John got on tinternet and now we know. A prize to the first person who can answer without the use of any I.T./marital/mobility aids.

2 Replies to “Welcome home”

  1. I know its not what i always think it is (Toronto) and i am almost CERTAIN it begins with O…
    Is it Ontario? Is that even a place?!
    I am also very glad to have Katie home 🙂

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