The teatime teaser continues..

You are not even close .

With the help of’s calculator,I worked out that if we live to 80 ,we will do this 2484.2875 times in a year , divide that by 365 ( please don’t get picky about leap years ), and its 6.8 times a day . I worked out my average yesterday ,and it was running at 7.5 ( the .5 being the cheese grater that was in the sink ,so didn’t really count )

Any closer ?

…things must be bad ,when Flo and I find ourselves looking forward to Countdown .Rachel ( still wearing ghastly clothes and high heels , while jiggling her numbers ) is still as dreadful and Nick is trying too hard ( and should stick to the Apprentice – I think margaret would have been better or Lord Sugar himself ). And even with pen and paper in hand, I struggle to find a word of more than 5 letters . I’m slightly better with the maths, even with out Ambleside Primary Schools help, but have NEVER solved the conumdrum ( if thats how you spell it ).

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