Paula, and not for the reasons you won a C C E for

Sally, you won the Cadburys Cream-egg. The answer was ‘losing something ‘. It happens to me all the time and conspires to drive me slightly mad .

Anyway yesterday we had visitors to the recovery ( leg raised ) room .Nat and Sarah J to Flo and Kay to me . Kay gave Florence a lovely card – a Fuzzy-Felt casualty scene. Kay and I got all nostalgic for Fuzzy-Felt.I doubt if anyone under the age of 40 remembers it .It always had that light blue background and each box had a theme .Kays favourite was ‘the garden’ , mine was ‘the school ‘.I reckon they should bring it back – it could go viral and replace twitface ? Hours of fun in a little box.

Read this in The ES mag yesterday and I love this joke , although it needs Georgina to say it in a Spanish accent -‘There were these 2 Spanish firemen: one called Jose` and the other called Hose B. ‘

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  1. It was the grater in the sink that did it – how many times have I looked for some kitchen equipment which I’ve just used! On another note, I’m very envious of you getting a RED boot – they only do standard black here; did you have to do something special to get an upgrade?

  2. They only give the red boot to the olympic hopefuls- I think it’s to balance up Stella McCartneys blue and white Team GB design

  3. ok the blog has gone another language – it looks dutch/swedish…. this time I got a screenshot, will email it to you!

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