It doesn’t have to be blue, it could be the pink,red or black one

Apart from the guy eating the light bulb, the 4 Conjurers at the Court ,were brilliant last night .There were quite a few Penn and Teller moments, a couple of duff Paul Daniel’s ones, and luckily no Seigfried and Roy being mauled by a Bengali white tiger,ones. Magic, is high up there on my top ten positive distraction therapy ,list.

When we were in France, my new BF gave me a book to read. You’ll be surprised to know it wasn’t her new one ‘The World according to Joan’ – Collins that is , not Brown ( That would be have a bacon sandwich and instant cappuccino ,in bed. G&T with lunch,listen to LBC, phone Rachel to ask where her blue cardigan is, another cappuccino, more LBC , and bed …and another cappuccino ) but ‘The Girl with the Dragon tattoo’. I read it , enjoyed it , then read the next one ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ ….it was OK , I found it all a bit muddly in the middle. So the big question is , and I really would like answers , is should I bother reading ‘The Girl who Kicked The Hornets nest’???

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  1. Yes you should definately read the third one as a lot of things are clarified. Let me know what you think once you have!

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