A week away

I’m up with the lark doing stacks of washing.Once awake I have to get up and ‘get doing’.Laying in is no longer a pleasure – especially on Sundays.

Well, we all had a lovely time. The villa was stunning ,set in a valley , so the views were amazing. I think I spent 99% of my time with my arse wedged in a huge rubber ring , bobbing about in the pool. I think its an age thing , but I can’t sit /read/ snooze in the sun anymore – I have to have my extremities in water !.By the end of the week i had perfected the art of lauching myself, from a standing position , holding the ring on my backside, backwards into the pool. By day 4 , the pool had lost one third of its water !

There is too much to write about, so these are my brainstorming memories…….sardines (the game and the starter ). Sarah winning ‘living cluedo’ twice- i think the best murder was Fiona in the shower with Michael’s pants ( don’t ask ). The pool relay. Georgina organising the Mexican wave( lick , swallow , suck ) with tequila shots , in beautiful Pollensa. Florence being called ‘sweetie sweetie’ by the waiter. The tapas – esp the edible shark ( always better than an inedible shark ).Watching les enfants dive through a pile of inflatable rings . Jacob swimming 2 lengths underwater.quoting ”first to…..” Richard and John playing tennis in 100degree heat and Sarah supporting her husband ( I was wedged in my ring at time ,and someone had to keep an eye on everyone in the pool ). the beautiful house , garden , terraces. Travel scrabble.John boasting he’d never been beaten at draughts – I did , twice ! Being called over the tannoy at Majorca airport – we were the last ones on the plane. Swimming in the sea in beautiful Cala Clara and being bitten by something ( not John ). The ‘Can Martorell challenge- tennis/table tennis/ draughts/dominoes /contract whist- funny that John organised it, all things he’s good at. Midnight swims. Jumpy and Kacky.Vitiligo. DJ Nat by the pool. Singing. A fly invasion. BBQing in the dark. Paella.The Michael Jackson song we all sang , which has gone completely out of my mind ( so please someone quickly put me out of my misery ). San Miguels.Me being the only one to fall in the pool , complete with shoes, sunglasses and sarong.

Once again , a huge thanks to Sarah, Richard, Michael, Georganina and Natalini for taking us away with them , and also to Fifi for being a lovely kind fellow holiday friend. Throughout the whole week Rosie was in my head , she should have been there, but as we all know , life can be very cruel . Thank God for friends, and whenever I raise my glass . it is always to ‘Good Health’- because everything else can ‘be sorted’.

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  1. Wanna be starting something!! There, i put you out of your misery.
    I love the list of memories, they all make me laugh. Group singalong to get up stand up has to be mentioned too i think.
    Rosie should have been there and was in all of our hearts and minds all week.
    xxx PS: First to comment on this blog (ooooh, jacob’s going to be piiiiissed off)

  2. this made me literally laugh out loud, HOW did you fall in the pool rachel?! too many tequila shots eh?
    glad to see you are back on blogging form, this website has become part of my daily routine!
    Lykke Li at Latitude was fantastic, although I was in tears at the beginning, I had some cider, and danced for Rosie, felt slightly better after that.

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